Caelus Foundation

Our Mission:

Engage, Advocate, Empower.

What will it take to build a future that is safer and more prosperous for all people on Earth and in space?


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Second SINO-US Space Commercialization Workshop

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 | Washington, DC, USA

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Our Mission:

To advocate for broad participation in the space domain and to engage and empower people around the world to build a space-centric community through their decisions and actions.

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Get involved to help us build a stronger global community and a brighter future!  As a nonprofit organization, we aim to serve and meet the needs of the global community as well as rely on its engagement to realize and refine our mission.  Our activities range from addressing international challenges with decision makers to supporting grassroots activities with people around the world.  There are many ways to get involved today, and there will be more as we grow.  We invite you to explore the current opportunities and connect with us to learn more and stay in touch for the future.


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We host and participate in a variety of events around the world to create opportunities for mutual learning and action-oriented dialogue.


We welcome contributions of time and expertise from all walks of life to support our start-up and ongoing activities.

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We are a nonprofit organization that is partly funded by donations from individuals and institutions who want to support our mission and growth.